Reactions to Trump: which movie are we in?

If alarmed reactions to Trump were movies, here are the plots:

  1. Let’s focus, focus, focus, on the 2018 elections and wrestle power back from this pack of thieves at the next opportunity”.
    Starring: a posse of Young Democrats.
  2. This is the fight of our lives to protect the republic. The shining city on a hill is burning and it may well die. We will not accept a despotic banana republic.”
    Starring: middle-aged everypeople of all colors and orientations, worried about their kids, their partners, their neighbors and their health insurance.
  3. It’s all over. Trump is just the latest symptom of a world that can’t get its act together, Humanity already had very little chance to survive global warming without major losses, but with clowns in charge all over the world, it’s definitely over.”
    Starring: a passel of increasingly washed-out scientists systematically emptying a run-down bar.

The recent Upgrade Democracy Unconference had these movies playing in full technicolor, all at the same time. Perhaps one of the reasons many left confused.

So which one is the correct narrative? Which movie to watch? Which movie to participate in and work like mad against the ticking clock?




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