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  • Data Moves Differently Now

    It used to be that anybody could just grab anybody’s personal data, and used it for whatever purpose they wished. Millions and millions at a time. And could get away with it. That’s why there is a multi-hundred billion dollar data broker industry. Why Google is worth almost a trillion dollars as of today. Why […]

  • An inkling of the (hot) future — Silicon Valley’s power may be switched off tomorrow

    Add the normal: no rain in California in the summer; and the new-with-global-warming normal: drier grasslands and forests due to hotter temperatures; stronger, extremely dry winds; and you get extreme danger of wildfires of the type that leveled Paradise, CA, last year: 70,000 acres in 24 hours, if memory serves, and dozens of dead. So […]

  • The upside of sharing personal data

    We had a rather interesting lunch yesterday at the MyData Silicon Valley Hub, on the occasion of a visit by Julian Ranger, board member of MyData Global and founder of personal data startup Julian offered a striking proposition that I had not heard before. It is very much worth writing about, starting with some […]

  • Think we can limit Global Warming to 1.5ºC? Look at this graph

    Time to make other plans. Credit: Reddit user drivenbydata, link to original post.

  • My recent post about Global Warming is all wrong

    When did you last admit you were wrong, totally and utterly wrong? In my case, that would be right now. Here is the retraction. A a few weeks ago I sat down to try and figure out how Global Warming will affect me personally and my family. I wrote it down in this post. It […]