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  • How Global Warming will affect me and my family — an attempt to reason things out

    Update October 21, 2018: The post below is all wrong. Here is the retraction. Global Warming will have a gigantic impact on earth — but how will it affect me, and my children? Should we move further north? Learn how to live off the land? Expect war? Not do anything different? What? It’s been bothering […]

  • Will cooperation replace competition?

    Enthusiasm has been growing in many places about new, more cooperative models for organizing society, replacing capitalism as we know it today. Advocates of these new models are convinced a broad transition to large-scale collaboration is “inevitable” and starting to happen. Those of us who have not drunk the cool-aid yet sympathize (everybody is cooperating […]

  • Facebook: we do your propaganda for a fee

    tldr: The 2016 US election and the 2015 Brexit vote were no exceptions. Instead, they have convinced everybody how effective of a manipulation weapon Facebook is. So expect more manipulations, in elections and otherwise. P.S: No, it can’t be fixed. This post was prompted by two excellent, but scary, articles on how the same people […]

  • USA: The Next Steps (after the election)

    2017 is not going to be pretty, regardless who wins this election. Let’s reason it out. There are four basic electoral outcomes (all of which are possible IMHO): Clinton wins in a landslide. Clinton wins narrowly. Trump wins narrowly. Trump wins in a landslide. In the two narrow cases, the next steps are likely litigation […]

  • How complex systems fail, or the curious Brexit paralysis

    After losing the Brexit vote, prime minister Cameron resigned. That sounds reasonable: he lost and so he resigned. But did you notice that nobody, absolutely nobody, wants to become the next prime minister? Not even senior politicians like Boris Johnson that campaigned in favor of Leave and wanted to be PM for a long time? […]