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  • “World After Capital” Summary

    When a Venture Capitalist writes a book “World after Capital“, it might be worth paying attention. If he happens to be a partner at Union Square Ventures in New York, you know it’s going to be good. Here are my notes about his draft book which is available for under a Creative Commons License in […]

  • Overlord vs Indie #IoT — my notes for the internet of things panel at C2SV today

    These are the notes I took for myself in preparation of the panel. Of course, the panel discussion went in a different direction, but why not post my notes anyway? I’m told there will be a video of the actual event, and I’ll post that when I get the link. So, here are the notes: […]

  • Tech Titans’ Next Targets: Telcos and Cars

    Apple has over $200 billion in revenue, growing 25% a year. Where are the next $50 or $100 billion going to come from? Mobile phones: no, that market is close to saturation. Desktops and laptops? Stagnant. Watch? Certainly not. All of them have room to grow, but not by 10’s of billions of dollars every […]

  • Migratio Mentium

    In the old days, peoples would migrate, creating all sorts of upheaval in the process, including the demise of the Roman Empire. There’s a similar migration going on right now. It has already destroyed entire industries, and keeps rattling the Roman Empires of today. But it is not a Migratio Gentium — a migration of […]