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  • From 1 to a billion in 5 years. What a little URL can do.

    It was at the end of 2004 when I decided to start telling the world about this silly little idea I had had about a year before: give every person on the internet a URL that they could use to identify themselves to any website. Fully decentralized, no permission needed from anybody, under control of […]

  • Speaking At Enterprise Data World 2010

    See my post here.

  • Speaking at EComm 2008

    Lee Dryburgh is putting together what appears to become an awsome conference on the future of the telecommunications industry called eComm2008. It is modestly subtitled "the trillion dollar re-think" — but that’s exactly what it looks like that it will be. It takes place March 12-14 at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. I’ll […]

  • On Burton Group User-Centric Identity Briefing Today

    Mike Jones (Microsoft), Paul Trevithick (Higgins Project) and myself participated in a Burton Group tele-briefing today. Burton Group is a well-respected analyst firm that has spent probably more time than any other analyst firm on digital identity. They also host the upcoming Catalyst conference. I had the opportunity to give a brief overview over user-centric […]

  • Speaking at Stanford this Thursday

    On Thursday 21st (this week), I’ll be speaking on "The Emerging Open-Source Identity System" at Stanford University, 450 Serra Mall, Building 460, Room 126. It starts at 7pm, but networking opens at 6pm. Other speakers will include: Lauren Gelman of Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society, on Net Neutrality Eugene Kim of Blue […]