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  • A cool research project for somebody aspiring with a 3D printer

    Back in the days when I went to (the German equivalent of) high school, we had to write the famous “Facharbeit”: a thesis in the field of your specialization for which you had a whole year. I wrote about infrared remote controls and built a bunch of electronics — which was great fun, except that […]

  • A 3D-Printable Box for the ESPRESSObin plus a Hard Disk (now with disk pictures)

    Updated 2017-12-21: Now with added pictures about placing a disk into the box as well. The ESPRESSObin is a quite nice ARM board that comes with a SATA port. So it should be ideal for using it as a little home server. Except, because it is a development board, they don’t provide an enclosure that […]

  • Learning to OpenSCAD

    As a proud new owner of a 3D printer, obviously I have been attempting to learn how create 3D CAD models for it. My friend Joe Andrieu pointed me to OpenSCAD, an open-source, “programmer’s” CAD tool. Unlike all other CAD tools I’ve ever heard of, OpenSCAD uses a textual programming language to describe the object […]

  • The House Of 1000 Windows

    Perhaps the rate of technological change is indeed accelerating. One can’t even make a few outlandish predictions any more (as I did on this blog last week) without being passed on the right by actual events. Take the past week’s CES: On the subject of 3D TVs, I’ll just note that the world’s software developers […]